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When Self-Satisfaction and Instagram Coincide

I can easily say that in 2015 I was obsessed with social media. Specifically Instagram. BUT, if you didn’t follow me on Instagram before last year, you’d probably be surprised to know that one of my 2015 New Year’s resolutions was to post more on Instagram. Yes, that was one of my many resolutions, and probably the only one that I managed to accomplish. Prior to that year I’d post on Instagram occasionally and I wanted to start branding myself, my blog, and my YouTube more…and so Instagram seemed like the perfect platform to do so.


As the year went on, I gradually started posting more and more. There was a point- around the middle of the year- where I aimed to post everyday, just to ensure my uniformed flow, or “theme” was spot on. Same filter on VSCO, equal exposure, contrast, etc. And this was understandable as 2015 was in fact the year of the “theme” for Insta.


Now, I hate to get all Essena O’Neil on y’all but, towards the end of 2015 I realized that I wasn’t posting solely for reasons of trying to advocate a new blog post or video. I was posting for validation.


I realized that posting on Instagram was oddly satisfying to me. Whether having a picture validate that I’m living an awesome life to friends or only looking to make sure I got “a like” from the guy I might or might have not posted that selfie for- and getting more happy than I probably should.


As of late, and by late I mean the past 3 months or so, I haven’t been posting as much on Instagram. Maybe 2, or 3 times a week at most. And as sad as it is to admit, I feel a void. I feel a sort of detachment. On the days when I post, I feel satisfaction in knowing that X amount of people liked my picture that day and are aware I’m living a great fucking life.



The problem is, I shouldn’t live like that. Nobody should. And it’s not even that Instagram consumed my life, it was a minor, minor part of it. But, I don’t think even the smallest part of my day should revolve around this profoundly superficial source of self-validation. Why should my mood rely on whether someone I have in mind “liked” my picture? Why??


The act of straying away from this habit is definitely hard to do- and it doesn’t affect me to the point where I would consider deleting social media. But, as I said, it’s just been a wakeup call for me over the past few months in realizing the detachment I’ve felt from not posting. The less I post, the more of an actual human I feel like- if that makes any sense. The more I rely on people in real life to satisfy me.


If you can take away anything from this post- just try to analyze why you’re posting that picture. Sure, most of us are guilty of this whole “validation” concept, and that’s fine, we’re millennials seeking some love and sense of endearment in this fucked up, technology-driven, communication-lacking society. It would take a WHOLE lot of adjustment in not only our personal lives, but also our society as a whole to fix this issue. So, for now, lets all just make a conscious effort to analyze why you’re posting and maybe think twice before hitting that button if it isn’t for the right reason.


Talk to you guys soon, xx


-michaela christine