Travel Tales #1: San Francisco


San Francisco has always been a city exclusively recognizable to me by means of the ubiquitous Full House intro (i.e. the Golden Gate bridge and the idealistic picnic held in front of a set Victorian pastel houses.)

It has been a city distant to my knowledge yet also seemingly exciting and dense with layers unbeknown to even the most devout traveler. It’s similar to New York in its grandiose size, fast paced nature, bevy of culture, exhaustive food options, and tourist appeal. I jump at any opportunity to explore a new city or town of any dimension, yet an opportunity to visit San Francisco- a city in stark competition to be the most tremendous of all- aroused my travel bug to no end.

Below I compiled some of my favorite pictures taken on my trip over Christmas to the foggy city (only it failed to be so foggy). The weather was regrettably cool. Call me dramatic, but it was a median of about 50 degrees over my time in the city- which is cool enough to make me hesitate to step outside. Besides the unfortunate weather, the city was undeniably impressive. Touristy as heck which didn’t stop me from hopping on the bandwagon, but impressive. Everyone needs to experience being the truest definition of a tourist at least once in their life, right?


Perfectly pigmented pastel homes juxtaposed beautifully around every street corner. 

The city was filled with endlessly rolling hills steeper than you’d ever imagine. Each hill one steeper than the other never failed to make my stomach drop the same way the Frog Hopper does. 

The cells in Alcatraz Island were the exact hue of millennial pink, which made for some surprisingly fitting Instagrams. The views outside of the prison were also spectacular, overlooking the city and all its glory. 

SF’s Chinatown blows away NYC’s Chinatown outright. Aside from being ten times the size, the authenticity and flamboyancy of the asian culture is pervasive. You can easily spend an entire day perusing in and out of shops. 



I found SF’s brunch and lunch restaurants to be better than the city’s dinner options (by no means am I saying the city lacked in amazing dinner restaurants, trust me.) Mel’s Drive In, Zazie’s, and Tony’s Pizza Napoletana have my heart (all three are pictured below). Other restaurants I’d recommend are Boudin Bakery for absolutely dream worthy sourdough, and of course the infamous Ghirardelli.    

Spoiler alert: The Full House House is not within the notorious row of homes called the Painted Ladies. (The Full House House is actually about 10 minutes away) (And the originally red door has been painted green which just rips my nostalgic filled heart apart.) 

It’s only appropriate to finish off with the most touristy destination of all: The Golden Gate. I highly recommend taking a ride to Crissy Field (picture below) rather than following signs to the vista points which are unnecessarily crowded. This beach offers an amazing angle of the bridge accompanied by luscious sand to dig your lil toes in while grasping the views around you.