A 19  year old student, writer, and creative from New Jersey who currently resides in New York City while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is the founder and voice behind By Michaela Christine- a blog that marries fashion, culture, and self-discovery. What she started as solely a personal style blog back in middle school has turned into much more 6 years later. It is her goal to impact readers on a more personal level by putting out real, raw, and relatable content.
By Michaela Christine

Not Your Average

Throughout years and years of growing up we- being young, impressionable, and naive- were constantly fed with a standard for what was “socially acceptable.” We were told to do a, b, and c. Make a lot of friends, do well in school, go to…

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Summer Daze

Sure this video may serve you a dose of style inspo, but hopefully it will also deliver forth the sense of lighthearted carefreeness we all yearn for.  The picture-perfect flowers, water brush backdrop of the bay, and windblown hair all contribute to the…

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