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Moody. (new video)

I’ve been moody. Not to say I am typically not moody, but lately I’ve become aware that my mood has been swinging back and forth faster than a freshly tapped pendulum. Traditionally the word ‘moody’ carries a negative connotation, but in my case being more moody than usual has benefitted my well-being. As of late I’ve been able to see the light on a personal issue- given this light doesn’t shine so bright at every waking minute (see: moodiness), but the illumination is certainly a step in the right direction. As of late I’ve been learning to not only be comfortable with my introverted and unique nature but embrace it. Mentally flipping on the positivity switch in the face of both current obstacles and future ones is downright difficult. My mind’s flooded with dandelions, words of affirmation, cupcakes and kittens when something remotely favorable happens. It just takes one bout of skepticism to flip that switch of positivity off. And this is what I call moodiness. We all go through it, just some more intensely than others.

Here are some random, and not so random images that fully encompass what I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks (obviously they were all carefully picked by me, I’m just trying to soften my image choices because I’m detrimentally unassertive). Some inspirational, some sheerly arbitrary but you’re lying if you say the arbitrary ones don’t evoke some sense of whimsicality within you. (Side note: all these images came from my Tumblr, feel free to follow.)

Note: After writing this post I felt inspired to create a lookbook around mood swings and various emotions. So here ya go:

Much Love.

Michaela Christine

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