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Feminism Doesn’t Need to Kill Chivalry

I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m not afraid of being judged by the overwhelming amount of feminists who would politely disagree with me on this matter. I’m not saying I’m not a feminist, I’m just saying that I’d disagree with most on this certain subject.


My biggest weakness, when it comes to guys, is chivalry. I am completely, wholeheartedly old-fashioned with the small actions of men. I’m even talking about the most minute gestures like never forgetting to open a car door or any door for that matter, letting the woman order first at a restaurant, walking on the outside of the sidewalk, and making sure I get home okay. Some of these may sound borderline insane to some of you, but to me, if a guy unquestionably performs all of these actions then he’s a fucking keeper. Considering other aspects also, of course.


In 2016, however, these acts of chivalry by men have definitely diminished. That’s not any shocking news though. The number one culprit of this diminishment is undoubtedly the rise of the “hookup”culture in society today. And men aren’t just at fault, many females are just as inclined to having a two second convo with someone before they really get into it.


But, right now, I’m speaking to the non-fuck-boy (and non-fuck-girl) population. In a society utterly concerned with female empowerment and the abhorrence of treating women like porcelain dolls, doesn’t it make sense for chivalry to die? Why should women hold such high expectations of men?






If a man opens the door for you, he’s being thoughtful and polite. A key sign that he is a kind individual.


If a man walks on the outside of a sidewalk, he’s protecting you. A key sign that you are in his best interest.


If a man calls you to make sure you got home okay, he’s worried about you. A key sign that you’re on his mind. And don’t you want to be on your loved one’s mind?


At the end of the day, acts of chivalry like these do not undermine the powerfulness us women possess. Even though we are perfectly capable of opening a car door for ourselves, waiting to see if the man snatches that door handle first is a prime indicator of the type of individual he is. You want a man whose instinctual reaction is to open the door first. It shows he cares. It’s as simple as that.


Once a couple is settled into a relationship after a sufficient amount time, the chivalry can certainly die down if both parties wish. But, the initial reactions of a man commonly determines how he’ll treat you in the long run.


So, long story short, look out for those old-fashioned chivalrous actions. And remember, you’re not any less of a woman because of them.


-Michaela Christine