December’s Anthem: Discomfort

This time of year is always an odd time. A time of reflection on the past twelve months, tension from the pressure of final exams, attempt to seek metaphorical and literal coziness in below-twenty degree weather, and the most taxing of all: predicting what the new year has in store for your hopefully new and improved self. Even though the holidays are rapidly approaching and the blissfulness is apparent at every turn of a city-street corner – there’s this overarching sense of discomfort that doesn’t seem to budge around this time. I can’t help but pick apart any mistakes made over the year and kick myself for pages neglected to be turned- career wise, relationship wise. On top of this lingering regret, soaking up the sensations from sitting outside of a cafe on a warm day, or having ample time to relax aren’t quite options due to mother nature and this other personal endeavor, or should I say obligation? called college.

If both apply because: a. you live in an area of the world where winter is experienced during Decemer and b. you’re going to school and currently in the midst of finals- then you’re more than likely experiencing discomfort at the same irrepressible rate as I am. Congrats! And if a. and b. don’t apply to you then chances are you are still probably feeling discomfort because, well, we’re human and the completion and commencement of a new year never fails to trigger uneasiness.


In this whirlwind of perpetual discomfort, keep these things in mind to reconnect and reboot.


In this instance, time isn’t relative. Just because technically a new year is approaching, doesn’t mean there’s any regulatory law or rule set in place saying you have reinvent yourself. Take every day as it comes and if you feel the need to improve upon something, then go for it at full force. Don’t just try to pick out your flaws and areas of improvement for the sake of conforming to the commercial motto of setting new years resolutions.


Bask in laziness. After finals are over, give yourself the much needed time to stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing productive. You’ve worked so hard all year, so a break is warranted. Try not to feel guilty during this time, revel in the few amount of obligations you have, and lose yourself in the alternate realities of television shows and movies.


Surround yourself with genuine people- including yourself. In such a chaotic time who wants to death with inauthenticity? Make a conscious effort to be surrounded by those who you know and appreciate the real you, and have always been there every step of the way. Oh, and this includes you too- your own amazing self. I’ve vocalized my support of allotting enough alone time for yourself as I think it’s the best way to discover who you are without outside influences. This time, make it happen. Just remember to not neglect family and friends.


Have fun. This one is borderline corny but something I’ve been trying to apply to my life recently. In my case, I have an undeniable propensity to take all life experiences and encounters seriously. This is advantageous in some ways, but in the grand scheme of life it’s pretty exhausting. Being that I have difficulty applying this one to my own life, there’s not much I can elaborate on. I do know, however, this time of year presents itself with a stark combination of anxiety and joyfulness. Make a strong effort to seek the latter in everything you do.


so much love.

-michaela christine