Before Summer Ends…

Before summer ends, do yourself a favor. Reflect on your summer adventures, relationships both good and bad, how you’ve been treating yourself physically and mentally, and dare I say it… reflect on all you wish you would have done. I’ve come to learn that regretting is completely useless as every decision we make and action we take was previously chosen for a conscious reason. In the moment we choose to go ahead with a choice we rationalize, use our gut instinct, and perhaps others’ opinions to reinforce ours. Why would there be a need to regret a rational decision we once made out of our heart, with the well-being of ourselves in mind?


Don’t regret. Just live from this point forward. With just over a month left of summer for most of us, make the absolute most of what you have left. Look to the pics below for some inspiration, or take a couple of minutes to skim over some of my suggestions. They don’t involve exorbitant islands or even that summertime hookup you prayed to have. Some of these tips seem incredibly obvious, yet they’re often what leaves me feeling satisfied. All you need is yourself and a friend or two if you wish.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.12.45 PM

  1. Treasure your mornings. A weird concept, I know. But after consistently getting up early for a while I’ve realized how tranquil and relaxing mornings are. Take this time to yourself. Roll around in your bed naked whilst reading a book or cover yourself up in blankets whilst listening to some music.
  2. Appreciate good fruit. If your lucky enough to live in a country or part of the US where fruit is abundant and ripe year round then I’m jealous. Here on the east coast we have fruit year round but it’s not always the ripest… so during the summer I make sure to take full advantage of all the amazingly juicy fruit available.
  3. Spend more time outdoors. Though it is scorchingly hot for many of us, I always remind myself of how much more gloomy I feel during the winter months and instantly want to cherish the heat. Dedicate your free time at the beach if you live near one, or go to your closest park and have a picnic.
  4. Read more. During the school year it’s easy to get tied up in school work and completely neglect reading books, or even catching up on news sites. Summer is the perfect chance to redeem yourself and catch up on the reading list you’ve been compiling for god knows how long.
  5. Be free. Use your freedom to do shit you dreamt about doing all school year. Whether it’s that road trip you and your friends have always talked about doing one day or stripping naked and feeling liberated as hell. Just do it, you have nothing to lose. Except maybe getting arrested for stripping, just kidding… please just make sure to do it within a private area 🙂 Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.19.26 PM