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Awaken: Start of 2017 Playlist

A dispirited mood is often exclusively tied with listening to equally as dispiriting music for most.

A broken heart=a broken playlist. A melancholy mood=a melancholy playlist.

The opposite has always been true for me.

I seldom find consolation in listening to a song filled with saddening lyrics when my mood is stuck in a similar state that the lyrics only seem to perpetuate. Some may draw sympathy from listening to an artist belch an oddly familiar story. I beg to differ. This only causes my mind to spin around even more, and for my thoughts to multiply at an accelerated pace.

It’s a new year. There’s so much to be hopeful about and little time for songs that will have your thoughts running 360’s in a dangerous circle. The songs I’ve compiled for this playlist are not necessarily the proper feel good stuff you’d expect after this kind of intro, but they’re definitely comforting, approachable, and thought provoking in the best way possible. All seven of these songs are saved under my “awaken” playlist on Spotify (my username is michaeladelviscovo) which I think perfectly describes the mood these songs evoke.


Take some time and dedicate a half an hour of your day, click on a few of these songs, and prepare to feel quickly revived for the start of a new and exciting year.

See you guys soon.