Michaela Christine, 19 years old, is a student and blogger from New Jersey. She currently resides in New York City attending the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studies Fashion Business Management.


In 2012 she created this blog as an ambitious high school freshman looking to showcase her style and channel her inner creativity stifled by learning about derivatives in calculus five days a week. A few years after creating her blog, she decided to start making YouTube videos in an effort to connect with her readers on a more personal level. Now, in 2016, her vision and creative driver is stronger than ever before.


On her blog, By Michaela Christine, she shares her personal style, inspirations, opinions, and advice on topics ranging from growing pains to feminism with her readers. She aims to bring effortlessness to the idea of developing one’s personal style and ease to whatever life throws at us.


Follow her along as she not only helps you find your allure and place in both fashion and life, but also as she evolves herself.

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