The Little Things: Ep. 1 A Simple Life Adjustment

Art is commonly considered abstract and far-reaching for those who don’t deem themselves artists, which is a good percentage of the population. For those who drop their jaws in awe at the site of someone who can “draw well” or “sing well” or “dance well,” and instinctively put themselves down for not being an “artist” or “creative,” I’m about to let you in on something that is hopefully groundbreaking. And I put all those terms in quotes because whose standard are we using to judge something or someone artistic or creative? Society’s? Well, deep down we all know society’s standards are bullshit so let’s get that established first.

Once you get past society’s standards of artistic or creative, you’ll see your whole world in a different light. You’ll start to see your entire life and everything you encounter on a daily basis as art. After all, art is simply the expression of a human creative skill.

-The way pedestrians move as they walk

-The view from the same stoplight you’re stuck at everyday on your way to work

-What people are wearing

-How the items on top of your nightstand are positioned

-What you see looking out of your bedroom window

Some of these things may seem like a stretch, but I promise that making this simple adjustment in the viewing of your surroundings can make a world of difference. If it is difficult for you to alter your mindset to see everything as a work of art, then try this: take your surroundings out of the context you are familiar with and analyze them from an outsider’s perspective. For example, pretend your bedroom isn’t your bedroom. Analyze it as if it were a stranger’s room and you had to describe the person living in it. Anything in life can be considered art, so many things in life have stories tucked away beneath them.



-Michaela Christine